About Cocoa: The Basics

Chances are you'll search far and wide to find someone who doesn't like chocolate.

In fact, worldwide cocoa product in 2014 was nearly 4.4 million tons, a staggering number especially when you consider that works out to about pound-and-a-quarter per year for everyone on the planet!

From powder to cocoa butter to chocolate liquor, it's an incredibly versatile (and tasty) ingredient.

All the world's cocoa—and chocolate—comes from one plant, the theobroma cacao, though it's better known as the cacao tree or cocoa tree to most of the world.

The cocoa tree bears fruit in the form of beans, which are harvested and processed.

Cocoa Bean Production & Processing

Roughly speaking, after harvesting, bean production goes through these stages to prepare it for shipment to manufacturers:
Bean Blending
Ensures consistency and quality for each batch of finished product.
Cleaning, Breaking, Winnowing
Remove foreign matter from the beans, detach the nibs from the shells, and separate clean kernels from any shell fragments.
Sterilization and alkalization
Decontaminate the nibs for roasting or alkalization (i.e. Dutch processing.)
Reduces water content, enhances flavor.
Nib grinding
Converts solid, roasted cocoa nibs into a cocoa particle / cocoa butter liquid suspension.
Cocoa liquor
Removes coarse cocoa particles and other remnants left after grinding. (Can be shipped to wholesalers and manufacturers for processing into chocolate at this step.)
Removes some of the cocoa butter from the cocoa liquor to create the desired fat percentage.
Cocoa cake
Filters cocoa butter for storage and produces cakes in varying degrees of fat and alkalization.
Cocoa powder
Pulverizes cocoa cakes into powder form of varying sizes.
Cocoa butter
Creates a liquid and/or solid butter. Can be partially or entirely deodorized, depending on a manufacturer's needs.

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