About Butter: The Basics

From foods to pharmaceuticals to beauty products, cocoa butter is found in more places than you can imagine.

It's safety and high smoking point mean its useful in places where other ingredients just can't get the job done.

And, because of its origin, the ever versatile cocoa bean, it's all-natural and cholesterol-free, too.

Cocoa Butter for Food Manufacturers

For the commercial food manufacturer, its versatility means you can use it as a replacement for butter to decrease fat content.

Its also great as a replacement for gelatin, where it creates a more airy end product.

And, if you choose a standard variety (i.e. not deodorized cocoa butter), you can use it to give your products the creamy taste of butter with the subtle hint of chocolate flavor. Opt for a deodorized variety and get the buttery mouth feel without changing the taste of your end product.

Cocoa Butter in Beauty Products

Since it's edible, it's also safe for use as an ingredient to manufacturers of beauty products, too.

Manufacturers across the globe use cocoa butter in their product formulations. Be it creams, hand and face lotions, shampoos and conditioners, cocoa butter is just about everywhere.

Types of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has two classifications: regular and deodorized.

Regular cocoa butter has a subtle hint of chocolate flavor and aroma; deodorized is both flavorless and odorless.

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