About Coconut Macaroon: The Basics

Quality Coconut macaroon has a great white color, is free of other coconut particles, has ideal moisture content (not exceeding 3.0%), and has a pleasant odor and flavor. For maximum freshness, sodium metabisulfite is added.

These qualities taken together will ensure that products containing coconut macaroon will be the tastiest.

Coconut Macaroon Uses

Coconut macaroon is used extensively in baking and desserts.

Favorites include cakes, donuts, confections, health bars, ice cream, and of course, the coconut macaroon: the famous namesake cookie/biscuit.

Coconut macaroon also imparts delicious flavor to savory dishes like soups, salads, curries, and many ethnic foods.

In addition, coconut macaroon is great in trail mixes and granolas and sprinkled atop foods like ice cream, cereal, and even soup.

Order Coconut Macaroon

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