About Crystalline Fructose: The Basics

Crystalline fructose has surged in popularity among manufacturers in the past few years because of its usefulness as a sweetener in the manufacturing of food, beverages, and nutraceuticals.

And, although it is frequently used in sports drinks, that's not the only place you'll find it.

Because of its flexibility, it's found in all sorts of manufactured foods and drinks.

You'll find crystalline fructose is no less than 98% pure fructose; it's generally believed to be 20 percent or so sweeter than sugar and about 5% sweeter than high-fructose corn syrup.

What is Crystalline Fructose?

Although it's typically made from corn, it can also be manufactured by separating the fructose and glucose molecules in standard table sugar.

(Bear in mind when crystalline fructose is listed as an ingredient in your products, it comes from cornstarch, not fruit.)

For most manufacturers, crystalline fructose is interchangeable with high fructose corn syrup or other sugars, and because of its sweeter-than-sugar properties, it can usually be replaced in smaller quantities, which can help lower overall calorie counts on finished products.

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