About Dextrose: The Basics

Dextrose, also known as glucose (technically D-glucose), is a simple sugar found naturally in all living organisms and most food ingredients.

Dextrose is sometimes referred to as "grape sugar" or "corn sugar." All are considered "dextrose."

Typically, dextrose is derived from all natural, starchy food ingredients like rice, wheat, or potatoes.

Here in the U.S. most companies rely on corn starch (maize) exclusively as their primary source of dextrose, though other options are available.

When dextrose is produced from cornstarch, food manufacturers may list the ingredient as "corn sugar" in their ingredient statements; when dextrose comes a different source--perhaps rice or wheat--the ingredient statement would instead read "rice sugar" or "wheat sugar," depending on the origin.

Dextrose Basics

Dextrose is an all-purpose sweetener that's used in countless foods, beverages, sweets, and nutraceutical products across the globe. It's one of the tried-and-true sweeteners that manufacturers turn to as alternatives to sugar.

There are many forms of Dextrose available, each with unique properties to satisfy your product's needs. The most frequently used form in the food industry is Dextrose Monohydrate.

For your information, we also have a section on how dextrose is used in the food industry.

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