About Maltodextrin: The Basics

Maltodextrin is easily one of the most popular, most common commercial sweeteners / food additives. As such it gets used in an absolutely huge number of roles.

While consumers may not know the value of maltodextrin in home food preparation, its value in commercial food preparation is well known, with it being one of the most common ingredients in artificial sweeteners since it has fewer calories than table sugar.

Interestingly, it's not just a sweetener; it's a thickener, too, and depending on its structure, it can be almost flavorless.

This means for a commercial food manufacturer, maltodextrin really means the entire family of products and not just a single distinct ingredient.

What is Maltodextrin?

It's a short chain of linked glucose (i.e. dextrose) molecules. It's made by regulating starch hydrolysis and is classified as a sweet polysaccharide.

Commercial maltodextrins purchased from a maltodextrin supplier like Cooperative Purchasers typically contain between three and nineteen linked dextrose units but may actually contain as many as 20.

The interesting thing about maltodextrin for many commercial food manufacturers is that unlike other starch sweeteners, "maltodextrin" (the word by itself) can be used in your ingredient list regardless of the original source of starch.

Depending on where you are, maltodextrin is likely to come from a different source. In the U.S., for example, where corn is very prevalent, maltodextrin is likely to be corn-based.

In Europe, where wheat is more abundant, maltodextrin will probably be wheat-based.

In either case, manufacturers aren't required to document the ingredient's origin.

For consumers concerned about gluten sensitivity, it's a non-issue as maltodextrin is highly refined and typically contains less than 20mg per kg of gluten.

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