About Anhydrous Milk Fat: The Basics

Anyhdrous milk fat, sometimes known as butter oil, refers to the powdered substance that remains when milk fat that has been separated from the liquid of the milk and dehydrated.

To make anhydrous milk fat, cream or melted butter is placed in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the fat and then placed in a vacuum to remove moisture.

Anhydrous milk fat provides a consistency of composition that pure butter or cream cannot provide due to natural variation.

During the manufacture of anhydrous milk fat, cream or butter can be separated into different compositions, known as fractions, with varying melting points to meet the specific needs of individual food products.

Uses of Anhydrous Milk Fat

Anhydrous milk fat has many applications as a food ingredient.

High melting fractions of anhydrous milk fats are suitable for use in coated bakery products like croissants and chocolate confections.

In addition, higher melting fractionated anhydrous milk fats are more liquid and viscous at room temperature and are suitable for baked goods, mashed potatoes and ice cream.

Anhydrous milk fat may also be combined with skim milk to produce other milk products.

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