About Phosphates: The Basics

In many ways phosphates are unsung heroes of food ingredients and manufacturing.

Phosphates play many roles and are used as dietary supplements in a tremendous number of products including cereals, enriched flour, and many pastas and other noodle products.

In nutraceutical industries and food manufacturing, phosphates are often used as:
  • pH buffering agents
  • chelating agents
  • tableting agents
  • leavening agents
Since phosphates are so varied, and serve so many purposes, there are different considerations to take into account when selecting phosphates for us in food, beverage or nutraceutical manufacturing.

Problem solving considerations for phosphates include:
  • degree of water solubility
  • degree of bioavaility
  • coagulation
  • hygroscopy (water attraction / absorption)

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Cooperative Purchasers works with the leading manufacturers of all types of phosphates including monocalcium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, and disodium phosphate, among many, many others.

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