About Salts: The Basics

Salt is a critical food ingredient and has been for centuries. Its two most common uses are as a flavoring agent and as a preservative.

Cooperative Purchasers works with the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of salt, so we're always able to get you precisely the salt your company needs for the job at hand.

Edible salts for use as a food ingredient include:
  1. unrefined salt (sea salt)
  2. refined salt (table salt)
  3. iodized salt
As with many ingredient that have several different varieties, there are different salts—and salt substitutes—for different commercial needs.

We've been helping our customers choose the right salt—or salts—for their needs since 1961, so our team of ingredients experts is well-versed at helping our customers ensure they're getting the right salt for their needs.

Common considerations in choosing a salt include:
  • iodized salt vs non-iodized salt
  • anti-caking agents
  • crystal size
  • solubility
Traditional salts, including common table salt, are primarily sodium chloride and vary in solubility, color, size, iodine content, and mineral content. Salt substitutes in contrast are chiefly made of potassium chloride.

No matter where you are in your selection of a salt (or a new salt supplier), Cooperative Purchasers staff of food ingredients professionals can help you select the right salt at the right price.

Interestingly, we find new customers often discover us because they're just looking for a salt supplier. Then they see how many other ingredients we have—and how many other problems we can solve for them.

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