About Sodium Citrate: The Basics

Sodium citrate is known for its mildly tart and salty taste. Sometimes it's even called "sour salt."

Although to most food and beverage manufacturers sodium citrate means trisodium citrate, both monosodium and disodium citrate varieties can also be used for different purposes in manufacturing.

Sodium citrate dissolves easily, making it suitable for a variety of food and beverage applications.

An important ingredient in virtually all living organisms, sodium citrate is found naturally in citrus, berries, and fruits.

What's Sodium Citrate Used For?

Sodium citrate gets used in a many different places in food and beverage manufacture, though it's mainly used as a food additive for flavor and / or as a preservative.

Soft drinks, energy drinks, and club soda all use sodium citrate for its tart flavor and preservative qualities, in fact.

Sodium citrate is also used as a pH buffering agent in places like gelatins or mini milk containers.

Also used as an anti-coagulant, sodium citrate is ideal for keeping the fat globules from sticking together in the manufacture of many things such as ice cream.

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