About Starches: The Basics

Starch is one of the mainstays of the human diet in practically every culture.

It has an amazing array of sources including rice, wheat, corn, and potatoes to name just a few. Commonly starch is used as a thickening agent, stabilizing agent, or emulsifier in a variety of roles in the commercial food preparation process.

What is Modified Food Starch?

As opposed to its un-modified cousins, a modified food starch is one that has had some chemical modification to it to function better in a specific role in food manufacturing or the preparation process.

Commonly manufacturers want starches that solve particular challenges they face. Perhaps you need a starch that does better with high heat or with different shear rates.

All modified starches are assigned codes in the International Numbering System (INS) for Food Additives by the Codex Alimentarius1.

No matter what your particular needs are from a starch, our experts can help you find the starch (or starches) that are the perfect starches for your company's ingredient needs.

We're the preferred vendor of all Tate & Lyle products, including starch, in the Western United States, so we can help you get the right starch for the job and keep your costs low in the process.

Below is a table of all currently available starches and their INS number.

While we do our best to keep this table complete and up-to-date, if there's a starch you're interested in that isn't in this table, get in touch with us here.

Modified Starches

Name of Starch Type
Technical Function(s)
Dextrins, roasted starch white and yellow
Emulsifier, thickener, binder
Acid-treated starch
Stabilizer, thickener, binder
Alkaline treated starch
Emulsifier, thickener, binder
Bleached starch
Stabilizer, thickener, binder
Oxidized starch
Emulsifier, thickener, binder
Starches, enzyme-treated
Monostarch phosphate
Stabilizer, thickener, binder
Distarch glycerol
Stabilizer, thickener, binder
Distarch phosphate esterified with sodium trimetaphosphate; esterified with phosphorus oxychloride
Stabilizer, thickener, binder
Phosphated distarch phosphate
Acetylated distarch phosphate
Emulsifier, thickener
Starch acetate esterified with acetic anhydride
Stabilizer, thickener
Starch acetate esterified with vinyl acetate
Stabilizer, thickener
Acetylated distarch adipate
Stabilizer, thickener, binder
Acetylated distarch glycerol
Stabilizer, thickener
Hydroxypropyl starch
Emulsifier, thickener, binder
Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate
Stabilizer, thickener
Hydroxypropyl distarch glycerol
Stabilizer, thickener
Starch sodium octenyl succinate
Stabilizer, thickener, binder, emulsifier

1Codex Alimentarius Commission is the international food standards organization of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

Its goals are (1) consumer health protection and (2) fair practices in international food trade.

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