About Modified Starch: The Basics

Modified starch, including modified food starch, is prepared by treating starch or starch granules, causing the starch to be altered so the starch is better suited to certain tasks.

To companies like food manufacturers or nutraceutical companies, modified starch can be used for many, many reasons, most commonly as:
  • an emulsifier
  • a stabilizer
  • a thickener
  • a binder
In addition to its flexibility and usefulness to our food and beverage manufacturing customers, nutraceutical companies get tremendous use from modified food starches as well.

We supply all three industries with all types of starch imaginable as their manufacturing needs dictate.

About Modified Food Starch

Precisely why a starch is modified varies. Commonly the goal is to help make the starches more durable an stable in manufacturing tasks where there may be:
  • high heat
  • freezing temperatures
  • acids
  • alkalines
Additionally, starches may be modified to alter their texture or to make gelatinization happen faster or more slowly.

A modified starch may be an instant starch which thickens and gels without heat; or a cook-up starch, such as Colflo 67, which must be cooked like regular starch.

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