About Sugars: The Basics

Today the world gets most of its sugar from two sources: beet sugar and cane sugar, and depending on your needs we can provide you with either or both in many different sugar varieties.

Sugar was one of the earliest ingredients Cooperative Purchasers added to the various commodities we carry as a distributor, and today, our sugar suppliers provide us all the common sugar varieties, including:

Types of Sugar

One of the most common questions people have about sugar is if there's any taste difference between cane sugar and beet sugar.

While chemical tests can distinguish the two types of sugar, people typically can't detect any difference in taste between them.

Contrary to the belief of many consumers, brown sugar actually comes from the late sugar refining stages. This happens either from:
  1. Sugar crystal formation in the presence of molasses
  2. Treating white refined sugar with cane molasses syrup
On the production side, sugarcane needs much more water to grow than beet sugar in most growing conditions. In fact, it's about 4x more. As a result, some countries known as cane sugar producers have begun shifting sugar production to beet sugar.

Beet sugar isn't the answer for every customer's needs, though. Sugar cane tends to do better in hot climates and warmer weather as compared to sugar beet.

Order Sugar

In addition to considerations like cane sugar vs. beet sugar, there are other important factors, too, like white sugar vs. brown sugar.

Sometimes such decisions are easy; other times they require putting some real thought into what particular qualities you need from the products coming off your manufacturing line or from your bakery.

Whatever the case may be for you as a food manufacturer, our sugar specialists can help you assess your company's needs to help determine what's the best sugar to meet your requirements.

Contact us for details.

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