About Granulated Sugar: The Basics

With a variety of different types, granulated sugars are each meant for different tasks in a commercial kitchen, bakery, food manufacturer, or other manufacturing process.

When choosing a sugar, as with other sweeteners, there are a host of different considerations like:
  • taste
  • solubility
  • size of sugar grain size
  • cost
Granulated sugar was one of the very first ingredients we carried when we began the company in 1961.

What most people don't know is just how long sugar has been around though.

Far from being a modern day invention, Persia and Arabia were cultivating sugar as far back as the 4th century B.C.

Aside from being available in its most common "free flowing" form, granulated sugar is also comes as both cubes or tablets in different sizes, as well as a variety of textures.

Order Granulated Sugar

With so many types of granulated sugar, things can get a bit confusing even for an experienced ingredients buyer.

We're here to help.

Our sugar specialists have been dealing with sugar for years (some of them for decades), so we can help you get the right sugar variety and make sure you don't get stuck with sugar cubes when you really wanted sanding sugar.

When you need granulated sugar and are ready to see the difference we can make to your bottom line, contact us.

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